Professional Development Series

If you’d like to invite one of our speakers into your school for a PD day, we are booking ahead for 2010/2011. Teachers are in an excellent position to see when a student is exhibiting signs of sadness, helplessness and depression, but only if they know what to look for.

Our speakers will ensure that both elementary and secondary school staff have the tools to not only recognize the signs of depression or suicide, but how to to respond in time, to students in distress.

Our Speakers:

Jude Platzer

As a ‘survivor’ of her son’s untimely death, Jude Platzer tells the story of losing her beloved teenage son, Josh, his battle with depression and his subsequent suicide.

She recounts the life changing effects that suicide brings not only to immediate family members but to all relationships in the surrounding community.

Since his death, 10 years ago, she has made it her lifework to educate others on prevention and awareness of suicide with a particular focus on youth.

By openly speaking about her experience she helps to break down century’s old stigma and taboos about suicide thus bringing hope and healing to others who are living with depression as well as to those who have been bereaved by suicide.

The presentation features a docudrama interspersed with professional insights, through which families can learn to recognize the warning signs of a crisis, signs that may signal that someone is contemplating taking their life.

Her heart rending presentation is full of useful information and resources giving hope to those families living with suicidal loved ones and  those bereaved by suicide.

Jude has presented in many high schools and colleges in the Lower Mainland area and the Society has distributed 10,000 orange bracelets sporting a resource web site for youth and help line phone numbers.  Jude also provides resources for those seeking help or information from local counselling organizations.

Jude is the director and founder of The Josh Platzer Society, a non- profit organization whose mission is to educate British Columbia youth and those around them about prevention and awareness of suicide.

She has been nominated for the Canadian Medical Association Award for Excellence in Health Promotion, the United Way W.J Van Dusen Community Service Award and is the recipient of a BC Community Achievement Award (2008).

She lives in Vancouver with her husband and 22 year old daughter.


Where Has Jude Spoken?


Corrine Thompson

Corrine is a mother of 4 who lost her youngest child Rielly, to suicide July 17th, 2007, he was 15 years old. Living in Shawnigan Lake, a small community on Vancouver Island, it shocked everyone who knew Rielly and his family. Rielly did not appear to be suffering from depression and seemed to have a keen interest in life, his friends, his family, lacrosse, wakeboarding, snowboarding and video games.  Rielly was described by his friends as the one who would do the daring and crazy things, it was always fun when Rielly was around.

The family was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from neighbours, colleagues, Rielly’s teachers, and friends. Struggling to make sense of the tragedy, as part of her own healing and wanting to help others, she started speaking at local high schools on suicide intervention and prevention.  In June 2008 she met Jude Platzer and is looking forward to working with her and the Josh Platzer Society to expand the education of our teens and encourage them reach out for help.

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